Level 2 RICS Home Survey

RICS Homebuyers Report

The Homebuyers Report (Level 2 Home Survey) is suitable for conventional properties built less than 80 years ago and is in reasonable condition.

The RICS HomeBuyers Report, also known as the Level 2 Home Survey, is the most common of the ‘standard’ home surveys. It’s suitable for properties of conventional or standard construction, and in reasonable condition. If the property that you are buying is older or unconventional or one that’s been significantly modified, then the Level 3 Home Survey may be more appropriate for you.

Types of Homebuyers Reports

There are two forms of the Homebuyers Report, now called the Level 2 Home Survey – survey only, and survey with valuation.

A Homebuyer Report (HBR), also known as a Level 2 Home Survey is a survey completed to a standard format set out by RICS, and it’s most suitable for conventional properties built within the last 80 years, which are in reasonable condition. As with the Building Survey, there is a traffic light system to indicate whether the element has been inspected, no repair required, repairs required soon or urgent repairs are required.

Traffic Light system on the Homebuyers Report and Building Survey


The new Homebuyers Report details every aspect of the property. It is not as in-depth as the Building Survey (Level 3 Home Survey). It’s not usually suitable for properties that have been significantly altered, or are in need of renovation.

A standard HomeBuyers Report includes details of:

  • The general condition of the property
  • Any major faults in accessible parts of the building that may affect the value
  • Any urgent problems that might need inspecting by a specialist before you sign a contract
  • Results of tests for damp in the walls
  • Damage to timbers – including woodworm or rot
  • The condition of any damp-proofing, insulation and drainage (though drains aren’t tested)

If you choose to have a valuation with the Level 2 Home Survey will include:

  • A valuation; and
  • The Reinstatement value: The estimated cost of rebuilding the property for insurance purposes

Only surveyors who are also RICS Registered Valuers can provide a valuation, and there is a slightly higher cost.

How it works

Our RICS Surveyors cover the West Midlands. All of the surveyors are RICS Accredited and Regulated – either AssocRICS, MRICS, FRICS, and RICS Regulated, so you can be sure that your building survey will be carried out to the highest professional standards.

Getting an estimate for a survey is as simple.

  1. Choose the RICS Homebuyer Report, with the valuation or without valuation.
  2. Enter your contact details, and
  3. Press Search – what could be simpler?

You will receive a quote for your Home Survey in and around the Birmingham areas. These quotes and will be displayed on screen, and emailed to you for you to follow up. Your details will also be sent to Shape Surveyors so they can contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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